Ready for the ATM EMV upgrade?

Now that 2016 is here, we are only one year away from the mandated EMV upgrade.

EMV cards are already being issued to cardholders, and now is the time to upgrade your ATM. Not upgrading means YOU, the ATM owner, will be held liable for any fraud at your ATM. Visa and MasterCard have changed the rules so that YOU take the hit, not them.

And some banks plan to remove the magnetic stripe from their cards. This will make it impossible for these customers to use your ATM.

Upgrade for FREE!

ATM Wholesale Services has made a bulk purchase of EMV upgrade kits for all major manufacturer ATM machines. We are offering this limited number of kits FREE to qualifying merchants who become our customers. This includes FREE installation on your ATM.

As we get closer to the deadline, upgrade kits will rise in price and may become impossible to get. Call today and mention this special offer!

* ATM Processing must be with ATM Wholesale Services, minimum number of transactions applies