ATM Wholesale Services is a U.S. Authorized Distributor for DPL Wireless ATM Modems

Connect Dial & IP based ATM Machines to your Cellular Network

Communicate with the same remote access and data collection equipment you use today, while introducing cost savings, flexible installation options and enhanced performance on a 3G/4G Cellular Network.

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More Reliable Wireless with Hercules Wireless Connectivity

Unlike off-the-shelf generic wireless routers, the Hercules is purposefully designed and produced in North America for ATM usage. It’s communication protocols have been engineered and optimized for real-time ATM transaction processing. DPL backs its products with a 30 day return policy and a 2 year warranty with immediate RMA replacement.

For pricing or to order please call 1-800-686-7973.

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Better Service Starts With A Web Portal

Hercules Web Portal provides important information for every ATM you manage, and allows you to remotely re-boot both your wireless box and your ATM.

DPL Wireless ATM Modems - Hercules Data Screen